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Alive 80: SAA Victorious; King-Tucker II

We’ve got two Coastal Championship Wrestling titles on the line from Port St. Lucie, Fla. on this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling! The South American Alliance face a challenge from Kona Klutch and Bruce Worley in our opening match. Then, the highly-anticipated rematch between former titleholder Marina Tucker and new CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King.

As you’ll see and read below, nothing has been settled between King and Tucker. One of the hottest current feuds in professional wrestling reaches a boiling point on Friday, April 8 at Bash At The Brew 15 in Hialeah, Fla. when King and Tucker square off for a third time. And that championship matchup will be held inside a steel cage! Get your tickets now, by clicking here!

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 80 and read our recap below!

South American Alliance def. Kona Klutch & Bruce Worley - CCW Tag Team Championship

Ariel Levy and Vinicious, alongside the Manager of Champions Bill Alfonso, continue to dominate the tag team scene in Coastal Championship Wrestling.

The South American Alliance opened this week’s episode of CCW Alive, facing second-generation star Kona Klutch, son of former WWE Star Crush (aka the late Brian Adams) and Bruce Worley. While the challengers had a few moments of offense in this one, their lack of cohesive tag team wrestling and the champions’ experience and pedigree as a unit won out in the end.

With all four men in the ring, Ariel Levy hit a codebreaker on Kona Klutch, sending him out of the ring. Worley then tossed Levy outside, but turned around to face the Brazilian Destroyer Vinicious. The giant Vinicious easily hoisted the 300-plus pound Worley onto his shoulder and delivered a nasty piledriver-like maneuver impacting Worley’s shoulder. That was enough to get the pinfall victory for the South American Alliance as their title reign is approaching 450 days.

KiLynn King def. Marina Tucker by DQ - CCW Women's Championship

KiLynn King defeated Marina Tucker for the CCW Women’s Championship on Jan. 8. Ever since, Tucker has done everything in her power to regain the title and irritate, attack and generally harass the new champion.

Tucker finally got a rematch last month in Port St. Lucie, Fla. and that matchup is our main event on this week's episode.

Tucker, so desperate to retain her title, went to questionable tactics early on in this one. The Detroit Barbie was able to stack King up near the ropes in the opening moments of the match and put her feet on the ropes for leverage. But referee Chris Costa was right there to see the infraction.

Tucker continued to bend the rules. But let’s be honest, there wasn’t a great sporting display from King in this one either. The issues between these two center on the CCW Women’s Championship, but both of them have made it very personal. King hit a dropkick through the ropes to the outside on Tucker. But when the fans asked her for one more, her baseball slide attempt saw Tucker trap her inside the ring apron and club the back of the champion. Tucker then took King over to the ring post, drove the champ’s head into it and then wrapped her body around it and tried to snap her in half, yanking on an arm and a leg from the floor.

Once Tucker made her way back in the ring, King was able to catch her feet and pull them out from under the challenger. King then spun Tucker around and delivered a nasty looking boot to the side of the face. But she couldn’t remain on the offensive.

With Tucker on the ring apron, she was able to position King for a brutal neckbreaker onto the ropes that resulted in a near fall. Tucker’s frustration began to build, screaming at the referee and pounding on King with a closed fist. The match went back and forth, but Tucker once again seemed to have a chance for the victory.

She caught a missed kick from King, sent her into the canvas face first and then delivered a meteora to the back of the head and shoulders of the champion. Somehow King managed to kick out, sending Tucker into even more of a frenzy. Moments later, Tucker scored with a blockbuster off the second rope and was sure she had the title in her sights. But once again, King kicked out.

Tucker couldn’t believe it. She tried to distract the referee by asking him to fix a turnbuckle pad and grabbed the championship belt off the ring apron. Costa turned around just in time to see Tucker blast King in the back with the title, immediately calling for a disqualification.

Based on the result of this matchup and how extremely personal this matchup has become, CCW officials quickly announced another King-Tucker clash. But this time, the two will meet in a steel cage. That match will be part of Bash At The Brew 15 on April 8 at Unbranded Brewing Company in Hialeah, Fla. Get your tickets here!

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· April 8 - Bash at the Brew 15 - Unbranded Brewing Co. - Hialeah, Fla. - Don't miss this special Friday edition of Bash at the Brew, headlined by AEW star Fuego Del Sol!

· April 9 - Saturday Night Slam Series - Miami Brewing Co. - Homestead, Fla.

· April 22 - St. Lucie Showdown II - Mid-Florida Credit Union Events Center - Port St. Lucie, Fla.

· April 23 - Breakout 11 - CCW Arena - Pompano Beach, Fla.

· April 30 - Game On - RedCon1 Gym - Nashville, Tenn.

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