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Alive 83: SAA Dissension? Martinez Tops Farrow in Cruiserweight Title Rematch

Heavy-hitting and high-flying action are featured on Episode 83 of CCW Alive this week. Heavy-hitting action from CCW Tag Team Champions The South American Alliance squaring off with the New Age Power Trip and serious high-flying from Chris Farrow and Alan “S2S” Martinez as the latter defends the CCW Cruiserweight Championship in a match with non-stop action.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 83 and read our recap below!

South American Alliance def. New Age Power Trip - CCW Tag Team Championship

The brand-new pairing of Jake Sterling and Andy Brown form the challenging team of The New Age Power Trip, looking to take down Bill Alfonso’s South American Alliance, Vinicious and Ariel Levy. Once again, Vinicious and his obsession with the 7-footer Jack Talos almost cost the South American Alliance.

Despite their lack of experience as a team, Sterling and Brown provided a stiff challenge. The duo nearly pulled the upset with a nice tag team maneuver. Brown ducked a clothesline from Vinicious, knocked Levy off the apron and rocked Vinicious with a superkick. Sterling then hoisted up Vinicious, setting him up for a spinebuster as Brown came in with a neckbreaker at the same time.

Somehow the Brazilian Destroyer was able to kick out. But just moments later, Blake Bowman and the 7-foot giant Jack Talos emerged from the back and Vinicous couldn’t help himself. The Brazilian behemoth left the ring to go after Talos, leaving Levy to defend the CCW Tag Team Championship essentially on his own.

Levy might have lost, but slipped out of Brown’s grasp long enough to knock him into Sterling and daze him. That gave Levy the split second he needed to roll up Brown and get the pinfall to retain the titles.

Dissension in the SAA?

Moments after the bell rang, Vinicious and Fonzie found their way back to the ring. Fonzie had been trying to keep Vinicious from going after Talos, while the Brazilian Destroyer seemed hellbent on getting his hands on the giant.

Back in the ring, Alfonso went to hand his men the belts and Levy was visibly unhappy. He aggressively grabbed his belt from Alfonso and then pushed the Manager of Champions’ hand away, while barely acknowledging Vinicious. Alfonso tried to explain to Levy what happened and apparently eventually smoothed things over a bit, raising the hands of both of his men before they headed to the back.

When will Vinicious and Talos tangle? What does it mean for the CCW Tag Team Champions? Stay tuned ...

The South American Alliance will be in Port St. Lucie Friday night and in Pompano Beach at the CCW Arena on Saturday. Get tickets for these events by clicking here.

Alan "S2S" Martinez def. Chris Farrow - CCW Cruiserweight Championship

While rematches aren’t guaranteed, former CCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Farrow was granted a rematch, especially after Martinez’s actions post-match after winning the belt from Farrow. What looked like a display of good sportsmanship from Martinez turned nasty. The new champion shook the former champ’s hand, raised his arm and then hit him with a blindside low blow.

Farrow was clearly pulling out all the stops in this one, looking to regain his title. Early on, with Martinez trying to pull him outside the ring, Farrow scored with an Asai moonsault off the apron, giving him an early advantage over the champion.

Despite Farrow’s persistence and numerous high-flying, high-impact maneuvers, Martinez wasn’t without offense in this one either. He nearly scored the victory by ducking a clothesline, grabbing Farrow’s arm into a pumphandle position and flipping him into what could be described as a package powerbomb.

But Farrow didn’t stop the onslaught and he didn’t stop going to the top, which ended up catching up to him in the end. The challenger landed a beautiful springboard meteora for a 2-count. Moments later, it was more innovative offense from Farrow with an avalanche victory roll bomb off the top that was inches away from him regaining the coveted Cruiserweight title.

However, the next time Farrow went to the top, it was one too many. He was looking for a 450 splash, but Martinez had just enough left in the tank to roll out of the way. The impact of the missed maneuver gave Martinez a chance to lift Farrow up for a Go To Sleep, securing the hard-fought pinfall victory.

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