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Alive 85: Catena Helps Cha Cha Retain, Attacks The Champ Afterward

The “Six Tool Product” Anthony Catena figured heavily into this week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling. He scored the pinfall in the opening match of the show and helped Cha Cha Charlie retain the CCW World Heavyweight Championship in a no disqualification match vs. Agony. But it was Catena’s action post-match that has the entire CCW fanbase and locker room abuzz.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 85 and read our recap below!

Catena, Turner, Big English def. Kilmeister, Portman, Kill - Six-Man Tag Match

We opened this week’s show with six-man tag team action already in progress. Anthony Catena teamed up with fan favorites “The Bus” Big English and “The Wrangler” Nick Turner to take on Ozzy Kilmeister, Reeves Portman and Daisy Kill.

Kilmeister was in control of Turner as we joined the action. Kilmeister delivered a nasty backbreaker/clothesline combination on Turner and nearly scored the pinfall for his team. As Daisy Kill came into the match, Turner was able to pull a full nelson into a uranage slam out of his bag of tricks, creating enough separation for a tag to Catena.

Catena was rolling on Portman before all six men ended up involved in the match. With Catena battling Portman, Kilmeister was able to get a blind tag to his partner, but his attempt at a ripcord headbutt was countered by Catena into a leaping DDT for the pinfall.

Catena Addresses His Past in CCW

Following their victory, The Six Tool Product asked for the microphone. Catena hadn’t been seen at CCW’s monthly Unbranded Brewing Company show since Bash At The Brew 7 back in August. He seemed apologetic for his previous actions in CCW.

“It’s no secret that I left this company on bad terms,” Catena said. “I had issues with management. I had issues with Jackal Stevens. And I’m man enough to admit that I was disrespectful and rude to each of you fans. Now, I’m not one to live in the past. I live in the future and the present and I’m standing here in a CCW ring and damn does it feel good to be home.”

That statement even drew chants of “Welcome Back” from many of the CCW faithful.

“I’ve come back to CCW to change my perception and my image within this company,” Catena continued. “I plan to work my ass off, climb back up the ladder and eventually become a champion for CCW.”

Cha Cha Charlie def. Agony – No DQ Match – CCW World Heavyweight Championship

Following a double disqualification where both men brawled all over Unbranded Brewing Company at Bash At the Brew 13, a return bout between the CCW World Heavyweight Champion Cha Cha Charlie and Agony was held at Bash At The Brew 14. To ensure that a winner was crowned, the match was contested with no disqualificatons.

While Cha Cha had the early advantage, it didn’t take long for Dr. Eric Christopher to get involved and help give Agony an advantage. Christopher distracted Charlie, allowing Agony to attack him in the corner. The “Good Doctor” and Agony then duct taped the champion’s wrist to the top rope.

While Cha Cha was able to fend off the attack for a few moments, Christopher handed Agony a steel chair and he battered the champion with it. As Agony went for a big splash in the corner with the chair, Charlie was able to duck out of harm’s way. A superkick that sent the chair into the masked face of Agony gave Cha Cha just enough of a window to extricate himself from the duct tape.

Now free from being attached to the rope, Charlie began to take over. Eventually, Cha Cha got his revenge, grabbing a steel chair of his own and raining down shots on the back of Agony. As he was going to the top turnbuckle for his signature Mangu Splash, Beastman and Lew Spectre hit the ring, knocking Charlie off the ropes and nailing him with a massive slam.

Beastman was about to do even more damage when Catena raced out from the back. He held off Beastman with a steel chair of his own until Spectre finally recalled his wild man and got him out of the ring. All this action allowed Agony to recover, as he set Cha Cha up for a piledriver of his own. But the champ countered, shoving Agony into the ropes, where Catena blasted him in the head with a chair.

Charlie then ripped the mask off of Agony, who covered his face and stumbled around the ring unsure of what to do. Cha Cha capitalized and rolled up his challenger for the three-count to retain the CCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Catena's Words Ring Hollow

Catena, seemingly having turned over a new leaf, entered the ring to celebrate with Cha Cha. Catena even donned Charlie’s trademark hat and danced a little Cha Cha before the two embraced in the center of the ring.

But that embrace ended with a cheap shot as Catena kicked the champion in the midsection. Clearly his previous match, his words of atonement and his help of Cha Cha were all a ruse. He was simply waiting for his moment to strike. A mere minutes after he told the fans that he was going to “climb the ladder” for a title shot, he seemed be looking for fast pass to the top rung of that ladder.

Following the cheap shot, The Six Tool Product added even more insult and injury to the champion. Catena wrapped his arms around Cha Cha’s head, leaped high in the air and delivered a devastating DDT. He then picked up the CCW World Heavyweight Championship belt and held it over his head as CCW Alive went off the air.

What will happen when Cha Cha Charlie responds to Catena’s actions? Stay tuned to CCW Alive to find out!

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