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Alive 86: Fuego Del Sol Robbed in CCW Debut

An absolutely incredible match for the CCW Cruiserweight Championship is the focus of this week’s episode of CCW Alive. AEW star Fuego Del Sol made his Coastal Championship Wrestling debut, challenging Alan “S2S” Martinez for the title. Fuego won the match, but didn’t come away with the belt, thanks to a tough decision following the match.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 86 and read our recap below!

Fuego Del Sol def. Alan Martinez by DQ - CCW Cruiserweight Championship

Fuego Del Sol made his highly-anticipated debut in CCW with a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship held by Alan “S2S” Martinez. The Bash at the Brew 15 crowd was red hot for the match and rightfully so, as the action was almost non-stop from the beginning.

Fuego had the early advantage, displaying incredible athleticism. The AEW star scored with a nice hurricanrana and later tallied another near fall after a standing shooting star press, followed by a nasty kick to the head of the champion. Despite Martinez’s rather boorish behavior of late, the Cruiserweight titleholder doesn’t lack for athletic or wrestling ability either, however.

After withstanding an early, initial onslaught from Fuego, Martinez gained his first real advantage in the matchup nailing Fuego with a nasty running enziguri, followed by a double springboard stomp off the top rope. A few moments later, it looked like it was over and the champion would retain. As Fuego looked for an asai moonsault, Martinez had it scouted and countered with a dropkick to the midsection of the challenger, tallying yet another near fall.

A few moments later, the deciding action of the match occurred. Martinez reversed an Irish Whip and sent Fuego hurtling toward referee Adrian Paz in the corner. The challenger stopped before contacting the official, then moved just a moment before a shotgun dropkick aimed at his back instead found its mark on Paz’s chin.

With the official down, Martinez hit Fuego below the belt looking for an easy victory. But the official couldn't count the pinfall. Moments later, Fuego hit his trademark Tornado DDT, rolling it over into a submission maneuver. Martinez clearly tapped out and Paz called the bell.

The crowd at Unbranded Brewing Company came unglued. Fuego Del Sol celebrated with the title belt. But it was all for naught. Paz took the title belt away from Fuego, informed the ring announcer that he had awarded the decision to Fuego, but by disqualification, meaning Martinez retained the Cruiserweight Championship by virtue of the champion’s advantage.

Despite the outcome, Fuego Del Sol had nothing but great things to say about CCW and its fans.

“This is not why I came all the way to Florida. This is not why I came to CCW,” Fuego said. “But this was my CCW debut and as much as I heard about this crowd … you are the reason I came here.”

When will we see Fuego Del Sol in CCW again and will he challenge for the CCW Cruiserweight Championship again? Stay tuned ...

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