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Alive 88: Gangrel Answers the Chamberlain Challenge; Who's Next for KiLynn King?

This week’s episode may have shed some light on what’s next in the women’s division. Meanwhile, in our featured match, Alex Chamberlain has made his long-awaited return to Coastal Championship Wrestling. The former CCW tag team champion has taken to issuing the “Chamberlain Challenge” offering anyone in the back a chance to face him. He may be rethinking it after the surprise opponent he faces in this week’s episode of CCW Alive!

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 88 and read our recap below!

KiLynn King: "Who's Next?"; Christi Jaynes: "Hi, KiLynn!"

We open this week’s episode with a quck interview from KiLynn King, immediately after her hard-fought, bloody title defense in a steel cage over Marina Tucker. King says whoever CCW puts in front of her next “better bring it!”

As she’s about to leave the interview, enter Brazilian Wonderwoman Christi Jaynes.

“Hi, KiLynn. I just wanted to personally congratulate you,” Jaynes said. “I don’t know if you’ve heard of me or seen me around here. But I’m Christi Jaynes … I have just have to tell you, you are the Mother Effin’ King, the king of the CCW Women’s Division. In Brazil, and Europe we have a saying the king is the head of the kingdom, but the queen is the neck and turns the head (of the king). I have been here at CCW longer than you have and I have turned your attention to take out the peasants here. So, thank you, King, for taking out Marina. Now the queen is back honey … and I hope I’ve turned your head in my direction.”

Gangrel Answers The Chamberlain Challenge

Alex Chamberlain is back in CCW and he issued the “Chamberlain Challenge” at Bash At The Brew 15.

“If there’s anyone in the back who has the stones to get in the ring with me, I’ll give them a few minutes and I tear them up, chew them up, spit them out, get paid,” Chamberlain said. “Who’s here tonight that wants to throw down with one of the most dangerous human beings?”

Chamberlain then went after the crowd, before turning his attention to the locker room, whom he knew was collectively listening.

Then … the music hit … “What were you thinkin’? Steppin’ into the realm of the deadly, sinister Vampire Warrior.”

And the Unbranded Brewing Company crowd came unglued! The legendary Gangrel stepped up to face the challenge!

Prior to the match, referee Amy Veronica was checking over the pads and boots of Gangrel and Chamberlain, who had a moment to regroup as Gangrel made his entrance, decided a shortcut was his best option. Chamberlain attacked the Vampire Warrior before the bell and head the early advantage.

The action spilled outside the ring early, where Chamberlain got the better of things. A vicious clothesline saw Gangrel hit the concrete floor hard. Moments later, Chamberlain tossed him into the steel ring steps.

But back inside the ring, Gangrel regained his composure and scored a pair of near falls with a powerslam and a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Both men looked to go the high-rent district of the top turnbuckle in an attempt to land a high-impact move and end the match. But both men regretted the decision. Chamberlain missed a frog splash from the top, while Gangrel got caught as Chamberlain slammed him hard to the mat off the top turnbuckle.

When Chamberlain couldn’t put the Vampire Warrior away, he once again looked for a shortcut. He grabbed an Unbranded Brewing Company keg from ringside and wedged it between the top and middle turnbuckle, looking to run Gangrel into it. After a near miss with the keg from Gangrel, he reversed an Irish Whip and Chamberlain’s face met the cold steel of the keg.

With Chamberlain on spaghetti legs, Gangrel hit a boot to the midsection and set him up for a devastating Impaler DDT to pick up the victory in his Bash At The Brew debut!

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