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Alive 89: The Machine Brian Cage Defeats AR Fox in Nashville

It’s an absolute banger, a dream match on CCW Alive this week as The Machine Brian Cage faces off with A.R. Fox at Redcon1 Gym in Nashville, Tenn.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 89 and read our recap below!

Brian Cage def. AR Fox

Plenty of action this week on CCW Alive, as Brian Cage returns to Coastal Championship Wrestling to face off with A.R. Fox from RedCon1 Gym in Nashville. These two veterans of the ring wars hadn’t squared off in the ring in nearly five years and it was the first time they have faced each other in Coastal Championship Wrestling.

The match was hard-hitting from the get-go, as Cage took the early advantage with a set of shoulder blocks and a chop that reverberated throughout RedCon1. But Fox came right back. With action spilling outside the ring, Fox hit a 619-type maneuver, stunning Cage, before running up the turnbuckle from the apron and landing a moonsault to the floor.

Later in the match, action once again spilled to the floor, where Cage looked to take control. The Machine slammed Fox’s into the ring apron, damaging his opponent’s back. But Fox is incredibly resilient, as we saw time and again in this match. Just moments after being slammed on the apron, he scored with an impressive combination of kicks, followed by a jawbreaker into a cutter for a near fall.

Even more impressive was the combination of cutters Fox laid out Cage with just a few minutes later. The athletic Fox rolled Cage up, floated into a basement cutter, then hopped to the middle turnbuckle for a springboard cutter that may have been his best chance at a pinfall.

Fox continued to delight the RedCon1 crowd. Shortly after the cutter combo, he sent Cage to the outside and into the crowd at ringside, before scaling the top turnbuckle and nailing The Machine with a huge senton off the top of the ring post.

That senton may have woken up some rage in Cage. Back inside the ring, he was able to regain control, scoring with a powerbomb, a buckle bomb and an F5 that brought the crowd to its feet once again.

Fox once again came up with some innovative offense that nearly scored him the victory. Using the top rope to bounce off while Cage was seated on the turnbuckle, Fox hit an impressive Spanish Fly. He hooked the leg and moved Cage’s left arm away from the rope. But it was too close to the corner and The Machine shot his right hand through and grabbed the ropes after a 2-count.

Fox put up a game challenge all night long, despite suffering two broken ribs during the course of the match. In the end, the power of Cage was the deciding factor, as The Machine put Fox away with the Drill Claw.

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