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Alive 90: The Bus Gets Married; King Defends CCW Women's Title vs. D'Amboise

We’ve got a Coastal Championship wedding and a CCW Women’s Championship title defense on this week’s episode of CCW Alive!

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 90 and read our recap below!

The Bus Gets Married In a CCW Ring!

We open this week’s episode with “The Bus” Big English in the ring with a special announcement. Coastal Championship Wrestling has granted him the request that if he wins his match in his adopted hometown of Port St. Lucie, Fla. that he can marry his fiancé Lina in the ring immediately following the match.

As the crowd cheered the potential nuptials, the Resident Scumbag Lew Spectre interrupts. Spectre is proclaiming he’s trying to save Big English from having to be married and he’s going to find an opponent for Big English to keep him from making “a mistake.” As Spectre points to the dressing room, three of his mercenaries attacked Big English from behind, coming through the crowd.

Big English is determined to marry Lina tonight, though. He sent Reeves Portman to the floor with a clothesline, then unceremoniously dumped The Cleaner on top of Portman, essentially taking them both out of the match. That left Joe Garcia alone in the ring with The Bus. Big English makes quick work of Garcia and his fiancé Lina soon makes her way to the ring.

CCW’s very own Rockin’ Randy Rhodes is a licensed officiant and joined the couple in the ring to handle the ceremony. After a few minutes of vows, lots of smiles and some happy tears, The Bus kissed his brand new bride to plenty of cheers from the CCW crowd!

KiLynn King def. Ashley D'Amboise - CCW Women's Championship

Shortly after defeating Marina Tucker in a brutal steel cage match for the CCW Women’s Championship in Hialeah, Fla., KiLynn King headed north to defend her title vs. Ashley D’Amboise in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

King is easily one of the most powerful women on the CCW roster, but D’Amboise is one of the few who can match her strength and athleticism. D’Amboise showed off her agility early in the bout with a number of counters, at one point confusing the champion with a kip up into a cartwheel, followed by a vicious forearm.

But The Mother Effin’ King had plenty of offense of her own. Moments later, she seized an opportunity with D’Amboise on the ring apron, landing a nasty kick off the turnbuckle and sending The Crème de la Crème tumbling to the arena floor.

The story of the match was King looking for the Excalibuster finishing maneuver, only to see D’Amboise come up with a couple beautiful counter maneuvers.

When King went for the finishing move the first time, D’Amboise was able to get her leg behind the head of the champ and drive her face first into the mat for a 2-count. Later in the match, King once again felt like she had the challenger in position for the devastating maneuver, but this time D’Amboise used her momentum to float over the top, land a kick and then a running neckbreaker, once again coming within milliseconds of becoming the CCW Women’s Champion.

D'Amboise nearly scored the victory one last time, hitting a spear in the center of the ring, but King managed to kick out, clearly frustrating the challenger. That frustration may have played a part in the decision of this one, as D’Amboise went for a spinning heel kick. In her haste to try to take out the champ, she put herself into perfect position for the Excalibuster. King ducked the kick, secured her leg and the arm for the inverted pumphandle maneuver that left the Mother Effin’ King with her hand raised in victory.

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