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Alive 91: Gangrel Tops Fatu in No DQ Match

The culmination of a feud that burned hot and bright for a couple months is the focus on CCW Alive Wrestling this week.

It was student vs. teacher back in February as former MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu debuted in Coastal Championship Wrestling against one of his former trainers, Gangrel. Throughout the course of that match, though, it became clear this wasn’t a happy reunion for Fatu. The Samoan Werewolf busted Gangrel open in a vicious attack and lost the match via disqualification when he shoved referee Randy Eller.

Just two months later, the pair would face off again, this time in a no disqualification match.

Gangrel def. Jacob Fatu - No DQ Match

The previous match left both men – and especially Gangrel – with a bad taste in their mouths. That was evident from the beginning in this one. Fatu hadn’t even made it to the ring after his introduction and Gangrel attacked him.

With the no disqualification stipulation, this match included weapons, brawling all over the building and eventually a bloody Gangrel took the win, but only after some outside interference and controversy. More on that later.

Throughout the course of the match, Gangrel and Fatu were in and out of the ring numerous times. Early on, Gangrel had the upper hand after slamming the head of Fatu into the steel ring steps and bludgeoning him with a steel chair.

The action even spilled into the MidFlorida Credit Union Events Center, where Gangrel slammed Fatu’s head off the bar for the spectators and laid him out with a trash can. Fatu looked to regain some momentum after taking a shot to the head with the trash can and went to put Gangrel through a table, but the Vampire Warrior countered and back body-dropped the Samoan Werewolf through the table.

As the duo made their way back toward the ring, Fatu unleashed a vicious set of head butts – the same maneuver that bloodied Gangrel in the first matchup – and once again opened up the forehead of the Vampire Warrior. Fatu seized on the opportunity and scored with his patented handspring moonsault for a two-count.

Back and forth they went, Fatu nearly knocked Gangrel out with a coast-to-coast dropkick, with chair added for good measure. Fatu then set up a chair in the center of the ring, but it cost him, as Gangrel bulldogged Fatu’s face into the furniture.

But Fatu recovered, nailed Gangrel with a Samoan Drop, which is almost always followed up by his signature triple jump moonsault. The moonsault missed as Gangrel moved. But this is where things got crazy.

Lew Spectre and Brian Brock hit the ring and it looked as though Brock was trying to take out Gangrel. He used a trash can to do it, but Gangrel ducked and Fatu took the blow. Gangrel tossed Brock out of the ring, hit a scintillating Canadian Destroyer and followed it up with the Impaler DDT for the victory.

Following the match, Brock attacked Gangrel and it looked as though he and Spectre were in cahoots with Fatu. But when the Samoan Werewolf got up, he went straight for Brock and Spectre, who quickly took a powder.

After beating on each other for another minute or two, the Vampire Warrior and Samoan Werewolf decided they had beaten each other enough, respect was returned to their relationship. CCW Alive Wrestling went off the air with an embrace and Fatu raising the hand of Gangrel.

When will we see Fatu in CCW again? What’s the story behind Brock’s interference? Stay tuned …

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