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Alive 94: Eleban Defeats Moore; Meto/Martinez Top "S2S"/De La Vega

CCWRicky Martinez and Meto team up to face off with Rico De La Vega and CCW Cruiserweight Champion Alan “S2S” Martinez, while action in the red-hot women’s division continues to heat up as Jessie Eleban faces off with the debuting Mila Moore in a battle of two former WWE NXT Superstars.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 94 and read below for our recap.

Meto/Ricky Martinez def. Rico De La Vega/Alan “S2S” Martinez by disqualification

We join this tag team match already in progress with Ricky Martinez in the ring vs. Rico De La Vega. Martinez, who hails from the Miami area, was firing up the Hialeah, Fla. crowd with a 3-0-5 chant.

In what was an entertaining, back-and-forth matchup, in the end it was the CCW Cruiserweight Champion Alan Martinez losing his cool that led to the decision.

“S2S” and De La Vega had a good opportunity to take control on Martinez midway through the match. As De La Vega drove a knee into Ricky’s back from the apron and “S2S” hit a nasty enziguri. But Ricky was eventually able to make the tag and the Bulgarian Punisher Meto cleaned house on his opponents. With Meto and De La Vega legal, Meto scored with a double underhook suplex, setting De La Vega up for the spear.

Meto hit the spear clean and looked to be in position to pin De La Vega for the victory, when “S2S” charged into the ring and blasted Meto with the CCW Cruiserweight Championship belt right in front of senior official Bruce Owens. Owens had no choice but to award Meto and Ricky Martinez the disqualification victory.

Jessie Eleban def. Mila Moore

After her recent debut with CCW, Jessie Eleban already has her sights set on CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King. But on this week’s Alive Wrestling, she would have to contend with Mila Moore, who was making her own debut in The Last Territory.

Eleban hasn’t earned many fans since entering CCW and she showed why before even entering the ring vs. Moore. After making her way through the curtain, she offered a young fan one of her t-shirts. As he reached for it, she pulled it away with a devious smile and seemed very pleased with herself.

Inside the ring, Eleban’s vicious side came into even clearer focus. She seemed to favor using the bottom rope to damage her opponent. She stood on the back of Moore’s neck while her throat was draped over the bottom rope, boucing up and down to create even more damage and choke her opponent. Later, Eleban draped Moore’s leg over the bottom rope and stomped on her knee repeatedly.

Moore recovered enough from the attack on her knee to deliver a pair of clotheslines and a release neckbreaker on Eleban. Moore followed up with a monkey flip out of the corner to set up her best chance at victory. With Eleban in a reverse chinlock, Moore lifted her right leg and dropped Eleban to the mat with a leg drop to the midsection. But Eleban was able to drape her leg on the rope after a 2-count.

Eleban then went to her bag of tricks to regain control and finish the match. With referee Amy Veronica working to create a clean break, Eleban managed to poke Moore in the eyes without the official seeing it. She then went into a cartwheel maneuver that allowed her to pick up Moore and slam her face first into the mat. Eleban calls it the Joy Ride and it was anything but joyful for Moore, as Eleban picked up the pinfall victory.

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