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Alive 95: Cha Cha Retains Title Over Catena in Ambulance Match

Just one match this week on CCW Alive. But Episode 95 brings the heat! This is the culmination to a months-long feud between Anthony Catena and then-CCW World Heavyweight Champion Cha Cha Charlie. A feud that had turned nasty needed a special stipulation to put the matter to rest and the CCW Executive Committee gave the go-ahead on an ambulance match at Bash At the Brew 17.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 95 and read below for our recap.

Cha Cha Charlie def. Anthony Catena - Ambulance Match - CCW World Championship

The feud between Anthony Catena and then-CCW World Champion Cha Cha Charlie goes all the way back to Bash at the Brew 15 in April. Catena made his return to Coastal Championship Wrestling at that event and it looked as though he might align himself with Cha Cha.

After wrestling earlier in the show, Catena came out and helped Charlie in defeat Agony in a No Disqualification Match for the championship. Catena's chair shot to Agony proved to be one of the deciding blows in a victory for Cha Cha!

The Six Tool Product then jumped in the ring to "celebrate" with Cha Cha! But that celebration was short-lived. It was actually just a chance to attack the champion and try to move himself to the front of the line for a title shot. It worked and Catena continued to get under the champion's skin for the remainder of the spring, until everything came to a head in an Ambulance Match at Bash At The Brew 17.

This matchup got heated up quickly, as Cha Cha Charlie scored with a slinglblade and a spinebuster, followed by his signature Mangu Splash. The champ dragged Catena all the way to the ambulance and tried to win this one early.

But Catena recovered just enough to slam the door of the ambulance into Charlie's head, creating an opening for Catena to continue the match.

As we came back from commerical break, Catena had regained the advantage and the men had made their way back to the ring.

The challenger landed a coast-to-coast dropkick into a trash can he had placed in front of Cha Cha. Catena looked to capitalize as the champion was clearly dazed from taking the trash can to the face.

The matchup continued to go back and forth.

Evenutally, both men ended up on top of a truck in the Unbranded Brewing Company loading dock. Catena seemed to be looking for an escape from Cha Cha, but found himself in a precarious position. Charlie chased him on top of the truck and bulldogged Catena off the top into the backstage area. Neither man was seen for what seemed like minutes. At one point, the ring announcer even said the match had been declared a draw. But neither man would accept that result and the match continued.

Finally, both men made it back to the ring and a mistake by Catena was the turning point. As he went to hit Cha Cha with a chair, Catena missed with the chair bouncing off the ropes and back into the face of the challenger. Charlie capitalized, continuing to incapacitate Catena.

From there, he drug Catena back to the ambulance. Cha Cha laid out Catena on a table near the ambulance, leaped on top of the ambulance, called for his iconic hat and landed a Mangu Splash on Catena, putting him through the table.

Moments later, Cha Cha dragged Catena to the ambulance, tossed him in the back and closed the door to secure the victory and retain the CCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Back in the ring and celebrating with his fans, Cha Cha Charlie then saw new No. 1 contender Ariel Levy slide into the ring. Would Levy attack a visibly exhausted, beaten, battered champion? No. But he did make it very clear that he has every intention of taking the title.

We all know what happened next ... stay tuned for more great Coastal Championship Wrestling action on CCW Alive!

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