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Alive 96: Levy Takes Out Alfonso Again; King Successfully Defends vs. La Brava

The dastardly change in attitude for Ariel Levy continued this week on CCW Alive. Meanwhile, in our featured bout, KiLynn King successfully defended the CCW Women’s Championship against a very game La Brava.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 96 and read below for our recap.

Ariel Levy Takes Out Bill Alfonso ... Again!

This week’s episode begins with Manager of Champions Bill Alfonso in the ring with Ariel Levy, who turned on Alfonso and former partner Vinicious in one of the most shocking events in CCW history recently.

A heartfelt Alfonso tried to get through to Levy. He told him that after seven days with a concussion, when he could finally bring himself to speak about it, a tearful Vinicious told him to tell Levy he was forgiven.

For a moment, it looked as though something had gotten through to Levy. He embraced Alfonso. He could be heard saying “I’m sorry.”

But then, he took Alfonso out with a DDT! Levy grabbed the mic and made sure the entire Unbranded Brewing Company crowd heard him: “Stupid giant. Stupid old man. You’re nothing!” Levy continued his rant for a few more seconds before scampering off to his locker room.

Stay tuned for an update on Alfonso’s condition and the reaction from Vinicious!

KiLynn King def. La Brava - CCW Women's Championship

In our featured match, the wildly popular CCW Women’s Champion KiLynn King put her title on the line versus a returning La Brava. King has had numerous title defenses since wresting control of the championship from Marina Tucker a few months back, but the argument could be made this was among her toughest matches to date as champion.

In the end, however, La Brava could not find a way to put King away and The Sixth Sense’s frustration got the better of her.

Early in the contest, King showed off her strength and power with a massive shoulder tackle and a flex for the Unbranded Brewing Company crowd.

But outside the ring, La Brava reversed an attempt to ram her into the ring post. Instead, it was the King was crowned on the unforgiving steel, giving The Sixth Sense an opportunity to capitalize. Back in the ring, La Brava scored with an enziguri that resulted in a near fall, but she couldn’t secure the three count.

Later, La Brava came out of nowhere with a Twist of Fate. Once again, it was a near fall for the challenger. Less than a minute later, La Brava went to the top turnbuckle and landed a beautiful flying cross body block. Once again, it was a near fall. La Brava was beside herself.

The challenger grabbed the championship belt and looked to use it as a weapon, but was foiled by referee Amy Veronica. While Veronica was taking care of the belt, La Brava grabbed a chair. As she went to hit King with the chair, the official grabbed it out of her hands.

Instead of focusing on the match, La Brava argued with Veronica. This gave King all the opening she needed. A huge roundhouse kick almost put La Brava out on her feet. With the challenger somewhat incapacitated, King set her up for the Excalibuster. She executed the finishing maneuver to perfection and scored the pinfall victory.

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