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Alive 97: Woods Successful in Chamberlain Challenge; Levy Takes No. 1 Contender Spot

Two big contests on this week's episode of CCW Alive Wrestling. Alex Chamberlain was surprised twice by former ROH Pure Champion Josh Woods when he issued another of his Chamberlain Challenges recently. In addition, we see the ascension of Ariel Levy to the No. 1 Contender position for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 97 and read below for our recap.

Josh Woods def. Alex Chamberlain - Chamberlain Challenge

Alex Chamberlain was surprised twice on this week's episode. The purveyor of the "Chamberlain Challenge" was first surprised when former Ring Of Honor Pure Champion Josh Woods answered his most recent challenge. He was even more surprised when he lost to Woods.

Woods was intent on working the ankle of Chamberlain throughout much a match that was a technical masterpiece from both men. Woods displayed numerous strategies to employ the ankle lock, grabbing it out of a leapfrog attempt from Chamberlain and even countering a leg drop into the ankle lock.

Chamberlain had plenty of moments in this matchup as well. He scored with a superplex that might have secured him a victory if the damage he suffered from Woods hadn't interfered with his ability to make a cover.

In the end, it was the technical wrestling and ability to counter that led to Woods' victory and the shock on Chamberlain's face. The duo were in the midst of trading arm drags and head scissors maneuvers. After Woods successfully kicked out of a Chamberlain head scissors, he arm dragged his opponent and applied a head scissors. When Chamberlain went to kick out, Woods caught his legs before he could muster the power for a kickout and pinned his shoulders to the mat for a three-count, much to the bewilderment of Chamberlain.

Ariel Levy def. Agony, Jackal Stevens, T.C. Read - Fatal 4-Way No. 1 Contender Match

Never let it be said Ariel Levy is not an opportunist. Shortly after turning on his long-time partner Vinicious and long-time manager Bill Alfonso, Levy worked himself into a matchup for the No. 1 contender position to the CCW World Heavyweight Championship.

The CCW Executive Committee set up a Fatal 4-Way match to determine the next opponent for then-CCW World Heavyweight Champion Cha Cha Charlie. Levy joined Agony, CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens and T.C. Read to compete for the opportunity.

Levy was immediately tossed from the ring by Agony, who then set his sights on Stevens and Read. However, Stevens and Read were able to double-team The Maker of Nightmares enough to knock him to the outside and then took Levy out momentarily as well. When Agony made it back into the ring, Stevens was the lone man in the ring. Agony took the advantage momentarily but a low-bridge on the top rope sent Agony crashing to the floor with Levy and Read. Stevens, then threw caution to the wind with a huge senton off the top rope onto all three other competitors on the floor.

Eventually, Levy, Stevens and Read made their way back into the ring, with Stevens and Read seeming to form an alliance once again. The duo was set to attempt a double superplex on Levy, when Agony stormed back into the ring. The incredible power of the Maker of Nightmares was on display, as he double power-bombed Stevens and Read, who had already locked in the setup of a superplex on Levy. All three of Agony's opponents were nearly obliterated.

Stevens and Read working together came to an abrupt end a few moments later, however. As the two fan favorites went after each other. Both ended up crashing to the floor as Stevens utilized a handful of Read's hair. But both men crashed to the concrete floor and would no longer be a factor in the match.

Agony seemed to be in perfect position to gain the No. 1 Contender spot. He had his hand on the throat of Levy, setting up a chokeslam. And a chokeslam did come. But it came from the 7-foot giant Jack Talos, who stormed the ring and laid out Agony with a chokeslam of his own.

Talos, who sems to have an issue with any and all of the big men in CCW, seemed to be happy with his handiwork and left the ring as Levy cowered in the corner. As soon as the coast was clear, Levy crawled over and covered Agony for the victory, becoming the new No. 1 Contender.

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