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Alive 99: Cha Cha Charlie, Jackal Stevens Team Up to Top Ariel Levy, Alan "S2S" Martinez

In the lead-up to Ariel Levy's shocking victory over Cha Cha Charlie for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship, Levy and his Chilean countryman Alan "S2S" Martinez were doing everything they could to get under the skin of then-champion Cha Cha. This week's episode looks back at a tag match where Cha Cha won the battle, despite losing the eventual war.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 99 and read below for our recap.

Cha Cha Charlie & Jackal Stevens def. Ariel Levy & Alan "S2S" Martinez

We go back to Patriot Games in Port St. Lucie, Fla. for this week's episode of CCW Alive. Cha Cha Charlie had an old friend in line to help him in his war with Ariel Levy and Alan Martinez in the form of Rich Swann.

Unfortunately, Swann had travel issues. When Levy and Martinez hit the ring, Levy continued to air his grievances with former manager Bill Alfonso, before turning his attention to Cha Cha and his apparent lack of a partner.

"I'm sorry, but the other dancing clown (referring to Swann) missed his flight, so it won't be 'All Night Long' tonight," Levy said. "So, tonight, now this match is a two-on-one handicap match."

At that point, Charlie seemed more than willing to take on both men by himself. But as we learned upon a return from commercial break, one of Cha Cha's friends in the back decided to take it upon himself to help out. Much to the consternaition of Levy and Martinez, Jackal Stevens' music hit and the then-Southeastern Champion made his way to the ring to team up with Cha Cha.

In the ring, however, Jackal may have been reconsidering his decision. The Chilean duo of Levy and Martinez cut him off from his partner for much of the match and Stevens took the brunt of his opponents' offense. But Jackal is tough. There's a reason he's held the Southeastern Championship on numerous occasions.

Finally, Jackal was able to create some separation. A bulldog off the second rope left both Stevens and Levy prone in the ring. Eventually, both men were able to muster the strength to tag their respective partners.

Cha Cha Charlie came in like a house afire, hitting a leg lariat on Martinez and a clothesline on Levy. The Chileans attempted to double team Charlie, but he fought them off. All four men later ended up in the ring, Jackal stunned Martinez with his patented blockbuster and drug Martinez to the center of the ring.

With Martinez and Levy looking for a tandem superplex on Stevens, Cha Cha pushed Levy to the floor, taking him out of the match long enough to take advantage of Martinez. From there, Stevens tagged in Cha Cha Charlie, who hit the Mangu Splash and rolled up Martinez for the victory.

Stay tuned to CCW Alive for more coverage of the Ariel Levy-Cha Cha Charlie rivalry in the weeks to come.

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