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Bash 32 Review: Chamberlain Arrested; Invidia Snaps; Fulton & Miguel Surprise CCW Fans

HIALEAH – In front of a record-setting, standing-room-only crowd at Unbranded Brewing Company, Coastal Championship Wrestling continued heating up Saturday night.

Two major stars made surprise appearances and there was plenty of drama as well.

In the main event, The Qrown successfully defended their CCW Tag Team Championships against Ozzy Kilmeister and Cha Cha Charlie. But the big story was following the match. Kilmeister and his associate Invidia haven’t been on the same page for the last few months. But nobody saw this coming.

After Kilmeister suffered the loss for his team, Invidia completely snapped, biting Kilmeister and leaving him a bloody mess. Invidia was always a bit spooky and sinister, but rarely seemed truly dangerous. Now? She seems unhinged and completely dangerous. What’s next for Invidia and Kilmeister? Stay tuned …

If Invidia’s crazy actions weren’t enough, earlier in the show Alex Chamberlain was led out of Unbranded Brewing in handcuffs by officers.

Chamberlain and the Night Riders teamed up to face Ricky Martinez, Domino and Skitz just two months after Chamberlain nearly blinded Martinez by putting out a cigar on his face during a match. After that heinous attack, the only way CCW officials would let him compete was with officers at ringside.

That didn’t stop Chamberlain, who has seemingly made it his life goal to destroy Martinez. But Saturday night, Chamberlain decided the best way to get to Ricky was to hurt his friends in front of him. Chamberlain brutally attacked Skitz after the match, repeatedly punching him in the throat. Skitz needed medical attention and was visibly spitting up blood as he was helped to the back.

At that point, the officers assigned to Chamberlain led him from ringside in handcuffs. Follow CCW on social media and here at for more updates on Skitz’s condition and the status of Chamberlain.

Meanwhile, Impact Wrestling star Trey Miguel and former Impact and WWE star Fulton made surprise appearances at Bash At The Brew 32.

Former CCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Farrow began the show, welcoming the crowd, before talking about how he’s been a bit down on his luck in the ring lately. He said it was time to change that and proclaimed it wasn’t Bash At The Brew without him on the card, challenging anyone in the back to face him. His luck didn’t change, as the Main Event Madman Fulton hit the ring.

The much smaller Farrow tried his best to combat the size, power and violence of Fulton. But two massive chokeslams (and a third after the bell) led to victory for the Fulton.

Later in the show, another former CCW Cruiserweight Champion faced another massive star. Alan “S2S” Martinez locked up with a previously-unannounced Trey Miguel, two-time Impact Wreslting X Division Champion and currently one half of the Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Martinez proved he could hang with one of the best in the world in Miguel. But Miguel, a member of The Rascalz, has never been shy to bend or break the rules. It looked as though Martinez might score the upset with several near falls. Finally, it seemed as if S2S had him put away, setting up Miguel for the Go To Sleep. But Miguel was able to reverse it into a small package. With the extra leverage of a handful of tights that wasn’t seen by the official, Miguel picked up the victory.

Bash At The Brew 32 Results

Fulton def. Chris Farrow

Ruthie Jay def. Mila Moore

Ricky Martinez, Domino, Skitz def. Alex Chamberlain and the Night Riders by DQ

Trey Miguel def. Alan “S2S” Martinez

Meto (C) def. Ariel Dominguez - CCW Southeastern Championship Match

The Qrown (C) def. Ozzy Kilmeister (w/ Invidia) and Cha Cha Charlie - CCW Tag Team Championship Match


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