CCW Alive 54 Results, Recap

Coastal Championship Wrestling’s Alive 54 featured the return of AEW star QT Marshall vs. Cha Cha Charlie, one of CCW’s most popular stars. If that wasn’t enough excitement, this week’s show also included a ladder match for the CCW Southeastern Championship.

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Check out our recap of CCW Alive 54 below!

QT Marshall def. Cha Cha Charlie

QT Marshall last competed in Coastal Championship Wrestling in 2009. But the leader of AEW faction The Factory, was back for the first time in over a decade. And he came back to face arguably the most popular man in CCW – Cha Cha Charlie.

Early in the match, Marshall seemed to take offense to the fans at Unbranded Brewing and their affinity for Cha Cha, even asking the ring announcer to make an announcement that if there were any further “Cha Cha, Cha Cha” chants he would leave the building. This, of course, led to even more chants for the crowd favorite, Marshall failed to live up to his threat and finally got in the ring.

But they weren’t in the ring for long. Cha Cha and Marshall took to the floor and the bad blood spilled over into the audience. With Marshall tied up from behind by Cha Cha, the King of the Brew even let a few of the ringside fans get a lick or two in on Marshall. Back in the ring, Marshall was able to take control and at one point even mocked Cha Cha by putting on his trademark hat and dancing.

That seemed to fire up Charlie, who remained in control for much of the remainder of the match. Cha Cha reversed a Diamond Cutter attempt by Marshall into a backstabber, which left Marshall vulnerable for the Mangu Splash. He hit it and clearly had Marshall pinned. However, manager of The Resident Scumbags Lew Spectre hit the ringside area and distracted the referee.

Whatever the collaboration or arrangement between Spectre and Marshall was, it paid off for QT. Once Charlie finally got Spectre off the official, Marshall rolled him up (with a handful of tights) for the 1-2-3.

Despite the nefarious tactics of Spectre and Marshall’s handful of tights, Cha Cha Charlie – the King of the Brew – suffered his first Bash at the Brew loss. Marshall will be back in a CCW ring Dec. 11 in Nashville, Tenn. One has to wonder if Cha Cha Charlie will be lobbying CCW officials for another shot at the leader of The Factory in Music City.

Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens def. Anthony Catena in a Ladder Match

Anthony Catena and CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens don’t have a long history, but it’s been a competitive history. The two entered our main event with one victory apiece against the other. This match for the Southeastern Championship would be contested in a ladder match.

Stevens almost retained in the opening moments of the match, when an Irish Whip into the corner saw Catena go up and over the turnbuckle, landing on the floor. Stevens quickly slid the ladder into the ring and tried to ascend, but Catena recovered quickly. The ladder Stevens brought to the ring was promptly used against him as Catena bounced the champion’s face off the unforgiving implement.

Throughout most of the early going, both men had the upper hand at different points in the match. And both took advantage when they were in control, relentlessly tossing each other into and off of the ladder.

While it was billed as a ladder match, some TLC was added to the bout midway through. And no, neither Stevens or Catena was giving the other any Tender Loving Care. The duo introduced tables and chairs to the matchup in addition to the ladder necessary to retrieve the Southeastern Championship that hung high above the ring in the rafters of the Unbranded Brewing Company.

The first real close call of the match came after Stevens took a chair to the face and was knocked out into the crowd. Catena came within inches of the belt, but was knocked off the ladder by a desperation leap off the turnbuckle from Stevens. Minutes later, Stevens climbed the ladder. But this ascension had nothing to do with reaching the belt as he was situated in the corner. Stevens launched off the top of the ladder and hit a massive Blockbuster on Catena. But it wasn’t enou