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Alive 55: Jaynes Tops Senegal in No DQ Match; Lakay Wins in CCW Debut

Coastal Championship Wrestling’s Alive 55 honored the late Daffney Unger (Shannon Claire Spruill) and featured a big-time women’s matchup between Jamie Senegal vs. Christi Jaynes. In addition, we bring you the debut of the Haitian behemoth Lakay vs. Vic Arson, representing the Resident Scumbags with the always shady Lew Spectre in his corner.

Click the video player below to see this week’s episode on the CCW YouTube page.

Check out our complete recap of CCW Alive 55 below!

Lakay def. Vic Arson (w/ Lew Spectre)

The debuting Lakay may have made a rookie mistake to open the match, turning his back on Arson. The Firestarter quickly attacked the bigger man before the bell even rang. But Lakay responded quickly with a huge shoulder tackle and a huge front slam.

However, it didn’t take long for Spectre to make his presence felt at ringside, grabbing the boot of Lakay. For the second time in the opening moments of the match, Arson took advantage of Lakay being distracted and gained the upper hand. Spectre then choked Lakay over the middle rope as the official had his back turned.

Arson maintained the ill-gotten advantage for much of the contest. But Lakay absorbed all the punishment, including Arson’s favorite headbutt off the ropes. In the end, Lakay overcame the outside interference and questionable tactics and proved to be too powerful for Arson and Spectre.

Massive clotheslines, a devastating belly-to-belly suplex and an elbow drop with serious amplitude turned the tide. Lakay finished Arson off with a huge spinning side slam and completed a successful CCW debut, putting the rest of the men’s locker room on notice.

Christi Jaynes def. Jamie Lynn Senegal (No DQ, Pinfalls Count Anywhere)

Fresh off appearances at the NWA pay-per-view Empowerrr, the Brazilian Wonderwoman Christi Jaynes and Jamie Lynn Senegal squared off in a no-DQ, pinfalls-count-anywhere matchup that could have huge implications on the CCW women’s division. Jaynes entered the matchup as the No. 2-ranked contender for the CCW Women’s Championship.

Despite the more hardcore nature of the match stipulations, Jaynes and Senegal displayed a great deal of sportsmanship before the match, embracing in the center of the ring. Before the action ensued, Senegal asked everyone in attendance at the CCW Arena to recognize and pay tribute to Daffney, as Jaynes and Senegal both pointed skyward.

While the aforementioned stipulations were in effect, Jaynes and Senegal wrestled a traditional matchup through the opening minutes of the match. However, business picked up outside the ring when Senegal missed on a baseball slide attempt to boot Jaynes to the floor.

Action quickly spilled into the ringside area, as well as the crowd at the CCW Arena. Senegal held the advantage, utilizing the guardrails, as well as the spectators’ seats. When Jaynes regained control, she tossed Senegal into the door of the CCW Arena restroom, interrupting an otherwise engaged Ariel Levy, who quick

ly exited as the fight continued near the commode. At one point, the two combatants became locked in the restroom, much to the chagrin of referee Amy Veronica.

When the duo emerged from the restroom, it looked as though Jaynes had suffered a swirlie at the hands of Senegal. That may have fired up the Brazilian Wonderwoman, however, as she rammed Senegal into the wooden steps near the ring. Jaynes then made sure she wasn’t the only woman who was wet, dumping a gallon of water over Senegal’s head.

Eventually, the two combatants made their way back into the ring. Once inside the ropes, a nasty ushigoroshi from Jaynes lifted her to a pinfall victory. Jaynes continues trending upward with a 6-1 record in the ultra-competitive CCW women’s division.

Following the match, the competitors once again honored Daffney. Jaynes helped Jamie Lynn put her Daffney t-shirt back on before the two embraced one more time in the center of the ring. But Senegal wasn’t feeling the love for Jaynes, viciously attacking her and laying her out with a fisherman’s neckbreaker.

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