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CCW Alive Wrestling Episode 1.18 “The Rematch” featuring ChaCha Juggernauts, Controversial Inc



After a warm Homecoming this past weekend, CCW Alive is back to business with THREE awesome matches! WWE Legend "The Genius" Lanny Poffo has a huge announcement! What could be in store? See "Hobo Prince" Bugs Moran get his shot at regaining the CCW Southeastern Championship! Also in action, the "King of Flight" Will Austin vs Hector Perfecto and in your main event The Cha Cha Juggernauts vs Controversial Inc. in a No Disqualification match! It's a HUGE CCW Alive to start the new era and it's bigger than ever!

It all started weeks ago when Hobo Bugs made the mistake of taking Jackal Stevens up on his offer. Always looking for a cheap place to stay, Bugs was entertaining the idea of catching a nap on Jackal's floor when the unorthodox superstar made a dive at his CCW Southeastern Championship. Bugs managed to escape. However, after causing such a commotion, Jackal convinced the CCW Executive Committee to grant him the title opportunity which ushered in the era of "He's So Hot!" Tonight the "Hobo Prince" gets his chance at revenge! Bugs will be cashing in his "Go For The Gold" title shot that he earned at Breaking Chains and go one on one with Jackal for his Southeastern title!

CCW New Year's Revolution in Fort Pierce tore the house down! Tonight you're going to see two matches from the night that stole the show! First up, "King of Flight" Will Austin will be taking on newcomer Hector Perfecto! Perfecto is always up to his narcissistic antics, and CCW vet Will Austin will be looking to take the Puerto Rican down a peg! Will it be uno, dos, tres, perfecto? Or will we see the "King" take flight?

In what promises to be an incredible rematch from CCW Alive episode 1.13, the Cha Cha Juggernauts will be looking to make it official when they take on Controversial Inc. in a No Disqualification match! Last month, these two teams broke each other down. Just when we thought we might see a winner, Vince Steele's pin was interrupted by La Brava, who also shoved referee Amy Veronica causing a disqualification! Although the record books show a victory for the Cha Cha Juggernauts, Vince and Charlie aren't satisfied with that win and will be looking to end the controversy once and for all!

Another week of 2021 in the books with three matches to cure your Tuesday blues! CCW Alive is growing every week and so is the CCW Training Facility! If you've ever wanted to train to become a wrestler or be involved in the business we all love, check out the all NEW CCW Training Facility and visit!

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