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CCW Alive Wrestling: Bash At The Brew

With only days remaining until "Bash At The Brew 2", this week's "Alive" will show you why Saturday's event in Hialeah is going to be HUGE! With footage from last month's inaugural event, we'll see why "Bash At The Brew" deserved a sequel! Cha Cha Charlie is in the house, as well as the South American Alliance and their "Manager of Champions" Bill Alfonso! The CCW Southeastern Championship will on the line when "Hobo Prince" Bugs Moran takes on Miami Mike! Also, you'll see Alex Ocean vs "Wrangler" Nick Turner, The Assassins, and much more! With Coastal Championship Wrestling's Anniversary show on the horizon, March 2021 could be the biggest month in CCW history!

The top spot in Coastal Championship Wrestling is a coveted position. For years, superstar wrestlers have been trying to climb the mountain, to be named the 'top dog' of CCW. As it stands, one of the most popular wrestlers, and "top dogs" in CCW history is Cha Cha Charlie. There's no doubt that when Cha Cha is in the room, it lights up. However, light typically fades after sometime, and that's why there have been premonitions starting to surface about Ariel Levy, the "Brazilian Destroyer" Vinicious, and of course their leader Bill Alfonso - the "South American Alliance"

With their eye on the top spot, the landscape of CCW has changed since the SSA's arrival this summer. Tonight on Alive, Cha Cha Charlie is set to go one on one with Mr. Levy. Before this happens however, the "South American Alliance" are also scheduled to defend their Tag Team Championships against the number one contenders, The Assassins. The talk backstage is that Levy has been throwing shade at Cha Cha for the fact he has to work double duty this evening. Although it isn't anything that the Dominican was involved in setting up, it's created a heavy aura of tension nonetheless. We'll see tonight if Cha Cha Charlie can close the big mouth of the "Chilean Superstar", or if the South American tide will continue to roll in a positive direction for the Tag Champions!

On the topic of wrestlers "climbing the mountain" so to speak, "Hobo Prince" Bugs Moran has been moving up steadily since defeating Jackal Stevens for the CCW Southeastern Championship! Seemingly taking the legendary Lanny Poffo's advice to heart, Bugs has been on a roll since retaining his crown. Tonight he comes up against the tough Miami Mike! It's easy to underestimate the "South Beach Playboy" but Mike is as tough as it gets! Can he pull off the upset and cause Bugs to drop his title so soon? Or can the "Hobo Prince" protect his well earned hardware?

In another awesome matchup on tonight's "Alive", Alex Ocean takes on "The Wrangler" Nick Turner! Although Turner is the underdog in this match, when we last saw the cowboy he had just defeated Miami Mike in a huge upset! Add this to Ocean's last appearance when he lost to Matthew Justice and this has become a tasty matchup! Can "The Wrangler" continue his winning ways at the expense of Alex Ocean and add to his recent woes? Or is tonight the night Ocean officially bounces back?

Bigger and badder than ever! CCW "Alive" is coming to you every Tuesday night @ 7pm on YouTube! Don't miss "Bash At The Brew 2" this Saturday at Unbranded Brewery in Hialeah! Tickets on sale now

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Jodi Cinto
Jodi Cinto
02 mars 2021

so ready for a great show tonight and this saturday

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