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CCW Alive Wrestling: Episode 1.19

This week, Coastal Championship Wrestling's Alive has been invaded by the South American Alliance! Led by legendary "Manager Of Champions" Bill Alfonso, Chilean superstar Ariel Levy and "The Brazilian Destroyer" Vinicious are TAKING OVER! In addition, Pharaoh Johnson challenges another Chilean in young upstart Alex Hero, as well as "The Wrangler" Nick Turner vs Miami Mike! All this and more, it's CCW Alive!

As the weeks roll on there doesn't seem to be much anyone can do about the massive amount of momentum the South American Alliance has been gaining. Week after week, calculated decision after calculated decision, Bill Alfonso's grip on Coastal Championship Wrestling seems to be getting tighter and tighter. Not only having an impact on the singles scene by helping to sway the outcome of the CCW World Heavyweight Championship, the "alliance" has already begun to make their mark on the CCW tag team division. Tonight, Vincious and Ariel Levy will be looking to deliver a South American smackdown that won't require a passport. With Fonzie's track record of building championship caliber teams, there's no telling how long this foreign occupation could last!

Over the last few weeks, Pharaoh Johnson has been feeling a little "left out" at Coastal Championship Wrestling. Many might dismiss the outspoken former Southeastern Champion simply because, justly or not, he is often known to share his grievances with the CCW faithful. Even if you're one of the "jive turkeys" that tunes Pharaoh out, this time you may have to admit he has a point. 2020 has seen the largest expansion in company history, and with that an addition of fresh, talented wrestlers. Example: Alex Hero. Hailing from Chile, no one can question the heart of Hero, who rumor has it, slept on the floor of the wrestling school when he came to the United States. The story of those cold nights may warm the hearts of many, but the attention afforded to CCW's new "heroes" has left Pharaoh wanting to play the "villain". Will the CCW veteran finally put his foot down on the influx of new talent? Or will Alex Hero prove that it's a new dawn in Coastal Championship Wrestling?


From the hills of San Antonio to the bright lights of Miami, these two are worlds apart! Miami Mike has been on the scene in CCW for some time now and he always gets a reaction! Looking like a playboy from the palm trees with that bold mustache, he's more than just a lounge cat. Coming up against the young Nick Turner tonight, we'll see if this city slicker can knock the boots off "The Wrangler"! Turner himself has been preparing for the match with plenty of solitude and time spent in the woods hunting. He's the real deal and will definitely be looking to '"rassle" down Miami Mike Tonight!

It's the last Alive for January 2021, time really flies! "Bash At The Brew" is just two weeks away and with "Enter The Machine" at the end of the month, February is going to rev the engines even more!! Try not to miss a minute of the action on CCW Alive every Tuesday @ 7pm on YouTube!

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Jodi Cinto
Jodi Cinto
Jan 26, 2021

oh boy

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