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CCW Alive Wrestling: Episode 21

After a huge 20th edition of CCW "Alive", you may have thought we'd be taking our foot off the gas a little bit. Well if you thought that, you were wrong! This week we're back with another episode filled to the brim! Find out why this past Saturday's "Bash At The Brew" in Hialeah involved an EPIC turn of events! The "South American Alliance" is BACK in a Fatal Four Way tag team match involving the biggest names in CCW with the number one contender spot for the Colon's CCW Tag Team Championship ON THE LINE! In addition, you'll see highlights from night one of Coastal Championship Wrestling's AWESOME "Homecoming" event! Don't think you can rest on your laurels for one second, this week's "Alive" is HERE!

Included in tonight's "Alive" are clips from this past Saturday's "Bash At The Brew"! This was the inaugural event of what should be many incredible nights in front of a HOT crowd! See why this event was such a big deal, and why the phrase "Enter The Machine" is on the lips of the Coastal Championship Wrestling faithful!

The effort to stop the tide of the "Manager Of Champions" Bill Alfonso and his South American Alliance has been raging for months. Week after week the stars of Coastal Championship Wrestling have been coming up against Vincicious and Ariel Levy (with the help of Fonzie), mostly on the losing end. When it was announced recently at CCW's "Homecoming" event that there would be a match to decide the number one contenders for the Colon's CCW World Tag Team Championship, there was no doubt in our minds that the "Alliance" would try to force themselves into the title picture. Yes the tide has been rolling, but that won't prevent the other stars of Coastal Championship Wrestling trying to put a stop to the South American wave! Involved will be Cha Cha Charlie and Vince Steele, better known as the "Cha Cha Juggernauts", with Cha Cha specifically looking to exact revenge for Fonzie and co costing him the CCW World Heavyweight Championship! Speaking of stolen championships, another former CCW World Heavyweight Champion who Fonzie cost his title, Agony, and his long time friend Jackal Stevens are also in this match! The only team that doesn't seem to have a true axe to grind with the "Alliance" are Controversial inc, but motivating them to bash some heads isn't a hard task! We know this match is going to be action packed, and we can't wait to see who will earn the right to challenge the Colon Dynasty!

The CCW World Heavyweight Champion "El Jefe" Santos is in the house! Awnsering a challenge from CCW original Romeo Quevedo, this contest looks like it's going to be a slugfest! These two don't know how to back down, and with a long history in Coastal Championship Wrestling to defend, we expect anyone who loses to go out swinging!

In another set of awesome contests, the "King Of Flight" Will Austin will be going one on one with "The Chosen One" Sebastian Cage! Cage accepted this challenge all the way up in New York and has traveled thousands of miles to try and best Florida's finest high flyer! There's no doubt these two will raise the roof in the brand new CCW Arena! Also, after successfully defending the CCW Women's title last week, our beloved Roma returns! In addition to taking on La Brava, this week former CCW Women's Champion Marina Tucker has been added in a Triple Threat match! Can the CCW Women's Champion survive again? Will "The Sixth Sense" of Controversial inc finally take her number? Or will the "Detroit Barbie" and CCW veteran take her place back on top of the mountain?

Coastal Championship Wrestling takes pride in presenting some of the best entertainment in all of independent professional wrestling! BIG THINGS are in store, and we know that YouTube on Tuesday night at 7pm is the place to be! You don't want to miss it!

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