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CCW Alive Wrestling: Episode 25 “St. Patrick’s Day”

CCW Alive has been painted green tonight because here, everyday is St. Patrick's Day! CCW veteran and current trainer at the facility Jake St Patrick is in action tonight against the reigning Coastal Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion "El Jefe" Santos! Also, Matthew Justice vs Chase Stevens! "Enter The Machine" was an AWESOME event, and tonight you'll see just why the Music City is the 2nd home for CCW!

When you look at the history of CCW, the pedigree of many great wrestling talents stand out. There's no question that the two competitors in tonight's main event are an example of that pedigree. "El Jefe" Santos is starting to close in on one year at the top of the Coastal Championship Wrestling mountain. The fact that his victory was aided by Bill Alfonso and Vinicious, at this point, doesn't mean much since Santos has successfully defended his CCW crown on numerous occasions. One man he has not come face to face with in this time however is Jake St. Patrick himself. A veteran graduate of the CCW Training Facility, St. Patrick has recently made waves wrestling on AEW "Dark". This fact alone gives credibility to St. Patrick's name and makes him a true contender for Santos' throne. Tonight will be a test between two of CCW's all time greats. It should be a show stealer!

The recent hardcore addition of Matthew Justice has sent a pulse through CCW! Tonight, you'll see him go one on one with Chase Stevens in an improptu Hardcore Match. This means NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! These two brawlers are fit to go toe to toe and without a doubt this is going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight! Music City was rockin'!

You don't need to read music to know the score! CCW Alive brings you the hottest independent wrestling every Tuesday and this week is no different! Never miss an episode! Each week, every Tuesday, 7pm on YouTube!

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Jodi Cinto
Jodi Cinto
Mar 09, 2021

i’m ready

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