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CCW Alive Wrestling: Episode 27 “The Machine”

It's time to ENTER THE MACHINE this week on "Alive"! The "Machine" Brian Cage makes his Coastal Championship Wrestling debut going one on one with another AEW star in KC Navarro! Coming off of a HOT 17th anniversary weekend, CCW "Alive" is back to deliver the action on this springtime Tuesday evening! It's on!

After shocking CCW fans during the inaugural Bash At The Brew by coming to the aid of Cha Cha Charlie, AEW star Brian Cage made his Coastal Championship Wrestling in-ring debut at Nashville Tennessee during the aptly titled event "Enter The Machine"! The crowd at Helios Granite was on their feet as the gigantic superstar entered the ring, and tonight you'll get to see how it all went down! Although he is light on his feet, KC Navarro knows how to fight the big boys! Coming up against "The Machine" is a massive challenge, but that's not going to stop the wrestler who's "Truly Blessed" in his own right! Tonight we'll see if the old tale of "David vs Goliath" plays out once again!

If you couldn't make any of the events from CCW's 17th Anniversary weekend it would be easy to feel like you missed out! Don't worry though, "Alive" has you covered! In the coming weeks you'll be seeing matches from "St Lucie Showdown" as well as "Ann17ersary", and get a look at how CCW Live Events are full of action and loads of fun! Make sure you tune in every Tuesday @ 7pm on CCW's official YouTube channel!

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Jodi Cinto
Jodi Cinto
Mar 23, 2021


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