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CCW Alive Wrestling: Episode 28

"Bash At The Brew" week is here! This evening on "Alive", witness the atmosphere and see why the BATB series of events has become the hottest ticket in south Florida! Taking place live from Unbranded Brewery in Hialeah, this evening's "Alive" features 3 of the hottest matches from "Bash At The Brew 2" including a MASSIVE tag match with the CCW World Tag Team Championship ON THE LINE! It's the "South American Alliance" led by the "Manager Of Champions" Bill Alfonso taking on Coastal Championship Wrestling's favorite sons the "Cha Cha Juggernauts"! Also in action, you'll see the "King Of Flight" Will Austin as he goes one on one with the tough as nails Alex Ocean as well as brand new CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens in a non-title Triple Threat Match against one half of Controversial Inc., Salazar "The Executioner", and the legendary Pat Tanaka! You already know what it is! CCW is "Alive"! TONIGHT!

The "South American Alliance" has been on a roll. For months now, the current CCW World Tag Team Champions have been dominant on the scene. No-one has been safe with their obvious influence over the Tag Team Championship and also the hand Vinicious with Fonzie played in getting the CCW World Heavyweight title off of Agony. Without a doubt, one man who has taken exception to the actions of the "SAA" is Cha Cha Charlie. The Dominican is the beating heart of Coastal Championship Wrestling, and for years now has defended the honor of the promotion he loves. Tonight will be no different when Cha Cha is joined up by his wrestling brother, the "Jurassic Juggernaut" Vince Steele. Cha Cha has stated that he knows the "Cha Cha Juggernauts" are the hottest tag team in CCW to date, and they only need the belts to seal the deal! We'll find out tonight if they can make it official, or if Fonzie and his crew are ready to do whatever it takes to crash the party again so that they can be the ones who are dancing all.. night.. long! HUGE MATCH!

On top of this, there are two more action packed bouts set for tonight! Stars are on the rise in Coastal Championship Wrestling! No better example of this will be the match between the "King Of Flight" Will Austin and his opponent, the "Neckbreak Kid" Alex Ocean. Carving out slightly different paths for themselves in their young careers, this evening's contest is a battle of high flying vs raw toughness! Don't get it twisted though, there's no doubt the technical prowess of these athletes should be on display as well. Alex Ocean has proved time and again that he isn't just a "stunt man", and he knows how to get down and grind on the mat. WIll Austin as well is a student of the game, and has recently been as far as Puerto Rico and Texas putting his skills on display! With the hot crowd at Bash At The Brew 2, this promises to be an AWESOME contest!

New CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens has come up against a few legends in the past including the Brooklyn Brawler, and getting a mouth full of Mr. Socko! Tonight in a Triple Threat Match along with Controversial Inc.'s Salazar "The Executioner", Jackal is set to come up against Pat Tanaka! Participating in the glory days of the AWA and WWF, Tanaka was one half of the legendary "Bad Company" with Paul Diamond and also had a hugely successful run as a part of the "Orient Express" for Vince McMahon. The laid back Tanaka is ready to take on two of today's top competitors in CCW and we can't wait to see how it all goes down!

CCW "Alive" is back this week with three huge matches! After tonight, you'll definitely understand why you have to get down to Unbranded Brewery this Saturday for the return of the best atmosphere in south Florida! And as always, keep it tuned to "Alive" every Tuesday @ 7pm on YouTube!


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