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CCW Brings The Heat to Kissimmee This Friday at Sun On The Beach

Plenty of hard-hitting action is on tap Friday night at Sun On The Beach in Kissimmee, Fla. as Coastal Championship Wrestling presents Conquer Kissimmee.

Last month in Kissimmee, hometown hero Ariel Dominguez was moments away from securing the CCW World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match, when Hector Perfecto raced to the ring and smashed his mirror over Dominguez's head before helping then-CCW World Champion Ariel Levy retain the title.

This Friday, Dominguez gets a chance at revenge against Perfecto. Dominguez teams up with new CCW World Heavyweight Champion Jackal Stevens to face off with Hector Perfecto and CCW Cruiserweight Champion Jake St. Patrick. Dominguez, coming off another devastating loss last week at Bash At The Brew, and the champ are ready for the challenge.


The CCW Tag Team Championships are on the line Friday in Kissimmee. The Qrown faces one of their largest challenges yet, as the powerhouse team of Luke Sampson and Brady Booker challenge for the titles. The Qrown, who have gained a massive fan following in CCW, have dominated the CCW tag team scene since winning the titles nearly 250 days ago. But Sampson and Booker have burst on the scene in the tag division and are hungry for gold.


Jonny Nova was once one of the most beloved wrestlers in CCW. Then, he changed his attitude and joined up with ERA as part of Elevated Status and won the CCW Tag Team Championships. But he started listening to Dr. Eric Christopher and turned even darker, eventually brutally attacking his former partner ERA.

But Dr. Christopher's hold over Nova seems to have been broken of late. Now, Nova will face off with Dr. Christopher's latest "patient" The Authority Eddie Taurus. What will the prognosis be for Dr. Christopher's former patient as he faces off with Taurus? Find out Friday in Kissimmee.


Martin Stone (formerly known as Danny Burch in WWE) has been a mainstay of CCW's Conquer Kissimmee shows. This month, Stone will bring his vicious striking and technical prowess to the ring against James Tapia. When Stone is in the ring, violence is sure to ensue. Don't miss his British brand of brutality.


The Franchise of CCW, the ever-popular Cha Cha Charlie, is back in Kissimmee this weekend. Cha Cha will face off with National Wrestling Alliance star and MMA powerhouse Bulletproof Blake Troop. Will Cha Cha dance all night long? Or will Troop force Charlie to snap, tap or nap? Find out Friday in Kissimmee.


In women's action, the Five Star Athlete Ruthie Jay, who has been competing in the NWA as of late, returns to Sun On The Beach to face veteran Amber Nova. Coming off a victory over The Bunny Mila Moore at Bash At The Brew, Ruthie Jay had a warning for Nova.


Don't miss all this action and even more of your favorite CCW stars in action this Friday at Sun On The Beach in Old Town Kissimmee. Get your tickets now by clicking here.


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