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CCW returned to the Festival Marketplace on Saturday September 14th as the fans packed the food court for an afternoon of hard hitting and high flying action. The opening contest pitted the twisted Vic Arson against newcomer and quick fan favorite Billy Bob Hill. The crowd loved the country boy and cheered him on to a tough fought victory over Arson who held his own throughout the match.

The next bout was a CCW Training Facility Challenge with both competitors, Jacob Trax and Andrew Alexander, training under the tutelage of the great Pablo Marquez. Trax had a distinct size advantage and dominated a large portion of the match but the feisty Alexander took advantage of a mistake and eked out the victory after two superkicks.

Next up was a six man tag-team match with American Top Team’s Blake Bowman and his partners El Pero Loco and Eric Maranka taking on the much larger team of The Super Gladiator, Boricua Guerrero and Corporal Larry Lane. The referee had a hard time maintaining order in this one as all six men ended up in the ring battling it out. The size and experience of Gladiator, Guerrero and Lane proved to be too much for the opposition as they got the victory.

It was time for the ladies! First out in this triple threat match was Detroit’s own Marina Tucker, followed by the self-proclaimed Queen of South Carolina, and last but certainly not least, The Italian Bad Girl Stormie Lee. The match itself did not last long. After Tucker was thrown from the ring, Stormie managed do get a quick pin on The Queen of South Carolina and that was all she wrote.

Tag-team action was next as double tough newcomer Ballistic Brent Myers teamed with Francisco Ciatso to do battle with former WWE Tag-Team Champions The Headbangers. The duo of Myers and Ciatso took it to Mosh and Thrasher in this hard hitting back and forth match. In the end though, The Headbangers were too much for this newly formed team as they walked away with a decisive victory.

Speaking of tag-teams, the next match pitted partners against each other. The Bloody Brawlers have not been seeing eye to eye of late so they decided it would be best to settle their differences inside the squared circle. Damian James and Big English agreed to a fair fight and once it was over the winner would be the team leader and decide on match to match strategy. It was a great back and forth contest that could have gone either way until Big English landed a devastating choke slam and picked up the win. English helped James up and showed respect to his partner by raising his hand and for that sportsman like gesture he got a clothesline to the throat and a Claymore Kick from a sore loser. The Bloody Brawlers no more, James put the boots to his former partner and left the ring to a chorus of boos.

The action continued with another great match. The unpredictable Jackal would do his best to foil the debut of Rude Boy Andre Holmes. The newcomer from Kingston Jamaica really took it to The Jackal but a rookie mistake cost him and Jackal added another one to the win column.

It was time for payback. Cha Cha Charlie and Vince Steel were to take on Eric Effron and CCW Heavyweight Champion Stryker Ramirez. Charlie is convinced that Effron and Ramirez are responsible for his disappearance. Although he never saw his abductors, the plot had Effron’s fingerprints all over it and all that Charlie lost was conveniently gained by Ramirez. Now Cha Cha had back up in the form of the 6”6”, 450 pound Vince Steel… or so he thought. Effron and Stryker waited in the ring as the announcer introduced Charlie and Vince but the former champ entered alone with a look of confusion and concern on his face. Vince had called him from the airport that morning to let him know he was getting on the plane but he never arrived at The Festival Marketplace and phone calls went straight to voicemail. Effron demanded the powers that be at CCW to award him and Ramirez the forfeit victory and the winners purse and the afternoon off since Charlie had no partner. Charlie, however, was angry enough and crazy enough to demand a two on one match. That request was granted and the bell was rung. Cha Cha fought bravely and valiantly and came close to winning a couple of times but the numbers caught up with him as a TKO from Ramirez put him down for a 3 count. Effron Enterprises won the battle but this war is far from over.

The Southeastern Heavyweight Title was on the line in the next match with Jake St. Patrick defending against Pharaoh Johnson. Joining the challenger at ringside were his mentor Bobby Sanford and apparent new henchman Damian James. It was a tremendous back and forth match that had the fans on the edge of their seats. In the end, the help at ringside proved to be the game changer for Johnson and he scored the upset victory to become the new CCW Southeastern Heavyweight Champion.

The main event was a preview to the TLC match at Breaking Chains on October 5th at The Coral Springs Charter School. The King of Flight Will Austin went up against American Horror Story’s Agony. Austin put on an aerial assault in this match that had to be seen to be believed while Agony put on an unbelievable display of strength and agility that made this encounter a must see. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared The King of Flight got his hand raised in victory but unfortunately for him that is not where the afternoon ended. Agony and stablemate The Jackal attacked Austin after the final bell using a steel chair in an attempt to possibly eliminate him from the TLC match at Breaking Chains. Did their plan work? My money is on the resilient Will Austin but we will know for sure come October 5th at The Coral Springs Charter. Tickets are available now at Don’t you dare miss it!!


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