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Championship Changes Aplenty in CCW Lately

It's been a crazy couple weekends in Coastal Championship Wrestling. Three of CCW's championships changed hands in a matter of just six days.

At Summer Glory in Nashville on July 31, Beastman defeated a bloodied and battered Chase Stevens by referee stoppage, winning the CCW International Championship. While manager Lew Spectre claims he and Beastman won't be returning to Nashville with the title, Stevens contends he didn't submit or have his shoulders pinned to the mat and vows to get get his hands on Beastman and the International title.

Just six days later at Bash At the Brew 19, two new champions were crowned, with Alex Chamberlain taking the CCW Southeastern Championship in controversial fashion and the returning Jai Vidal winning the CCW Cruiserweight Championship.

The Southeastern Championship, which had been held by Jackal Stevens since April 12, saw interference from Agony and Dr. Eric Christopher with Chamberlain being the beneficiary. Stevens and Agony have a great deal of history and the Maker of Nightmres decided Bash At The Brew 19 was the time to rekindle those old fires.

With the referee being the accidental victim of a Stevens blockbuster, Agony and Dr. Eric Christopher entered from the crowd, nailing Stevens with a chokeslam and a tombstone piledriver. Chamberlain, bewildered and seemingly thankful he wasn't in the crosshairs, called for an official from the back and covered Stevens to win the Southeastern Championship.

Meanwhile, Jai Vidal hadn't been seen in a CCW ring since 2017. After making appearances for Impact Wrestling and numerous other promotions all over the country, Vidal challenged Alan "S2S" Martinez for the CCW Cruiserweight Championship this past Saturday (Aug. 6).

Vidal was victorious, accounting for the third title to change hands in a span of less than a week in Coastal Championship Wrestling.


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