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Alive 61: Diaz Nearly Upsets NWA World Women's Champion Kamille

CCW Alive Episode 61 comes to you from Nashville and the National Wrestling Alliance World Women’s Championship is on the line as the Brickhouse Kamille takes on Coastal Championship Wrestling’s rising star Anna Diaz. In other action, it’s a battle of two men well known in South America. Ariel Levy, one half of the CCW Tag Team Champions, takes on countryman Pedro Pablo.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 61 and read our recap below!

Ariel Levy def. Pablo Pedro by disqualification; Street Fight Rematch Booked

Bragging rights in Chile were on the line in Nashville, Tenn. What is becoming a boiling-hot feud isn’t over. More on that later.

Pablo is currently training with QT Marshall at the Nightmare Factory and won his first professional wrestling title at the age of 19. Levy is one half of the CCW Tag Team Champion South American Alliance with the Brazilian Destroyer Vinicious. Levy’s tag team partner came to the ring entrance with him, but Levy sent him to the back as he wanted to face Pablo one-on-one.

Throughout the course of the matchup, Pablo pushed the envelope of the rules, even viciously biting the hand of Levy. His tactics gave him the upper hand through a large portion of the match and certainly did damage to Levy. While Levy had his moments, nearly earning a submission with a crossface and coming within a fraction of a second of a pinfall after a Randy Savage-esque elbow drop off the top rope, he couldn’t put Pablo away.

But Pablo’s frustration over Levy’s late offense and his overwhelming desire to damage the Chilean superstar ended up resulting in a disqualification. Nearly 15 minutes into the match, Pablo went into the crowd and back to the merchandise area, grabbing a cashbox from one of the vendors.

Pablo attempted to crack Levy’s skull with the cashbox, but the official caught him and took it from him. Unfortunately for Levy, the official left the cashbox on the apron of the ring. While the official was handling that piece of business, Pablo kicked Levy below the belt but still couldn’t put him away.

Minutes later, after barely surviving the aforementioned elbow drop, Pablo grabbed the cashbox and blasted Levy in the face with it, earning the disqualification. Following the bell, Pablo continued the assault on Levy until the massive Vinicious came in to make the save.

A rematch was signed on the spot and this time, cashboxes or any other international object will be legal. This Saturday at Helios Granite in Nashville, Tenn., Levy and Pablo will look to settle the score in a Santiago Street Fight.

Kamille def. Anna Diaz – NWA Women's World Championship Match

The Burke graced a Coastal Championship Wrestling ring as Kamille brought her NWA Women’s World Championship to Nashville. Her opponent, Anna Diaz, has spent much of the past few months in the top five rankings in the CCW women’s division and is a former GWA women’s champion.

Diaz gave a game effort, nearly taking Kamille out with her patented sleeper. But in the end it was The Brickhouse and her massive spear nearly cutting Diaz in half to pick up the victory.

Diaz, who successfully runs her own charity entitled We Will Overcome to benefit epilepsy awareness, has her own battles with the affliction, but has still managed to become an up-and-comer in professional wrestling. Diaz entered the matchup with a great deal of confidence and did not back down from the much larger NWA Women’s World Champion. In fact, Kamille even took to some underhanded tactics throughout the match, including choking Diaz on the guardrail outside the ring.

Another technique in Diaz’s arsenal is an uncanny ability to utilize that Matrix-style duck. She avoided a Kamille clothesline attempt with that move, resorted to a headbutt and then rocked the champion with a pair of back handspring splashes in the corner. Diaz quickly followed up with a backstabber that often sets up her sleeper and she indeed locked it in.

But Kamille, the ring veteran, was positioned near the ropes and was able to create a rope break and survived. Moments later, Kamille hit the devastating spear and the Diaz upset bid was thwarted.

Kamille will be back in Coastal Championship Wrestling again this Saturday in Nashville. The NWA World Women’s Championship will once again be on the line against one of the top women in CCW, the Brazilian Superwoman Christi Jaynes. Get your tickets here.

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