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Creating A Legacy: CCW Presents Bash At The Brew 30 On July 1st

For 19 years, Coastal Championship Wrestling (CCW) has captivated wrestling fans with its high-energy events, incredible matches, and unforgettable moments. Among these standout events, one has stood the test of time and become an iconic tradition in the wrestling world: Bash At The Brew. As CCW gears up for its 30th installment of Bash, fans are eagerly anticipating another night of thrilling action, surprises, and unforgettable memories. Taking place at Unbranded Brewing Co. in Hialeah, FL, Bash At The Brew continues to redefine independent pro wrestling, cementing its place as the ultimate party for South Florida wrestling fans.

Brian Cage Highfives Fans At CCW's Bash At The Brew

The first Bash At The Brew event in February 2021 changed the course of CCW forever, ushering in a new era in the promotion's rich history. Since its inception, Bash At The Brew has attracted some of the biggest stars in wrestling, both established legends and rising talents. Over the years, stars like Gangrel, QT Marshall, Brian Cage, Dan Lambert, Bill Alfonso, Davey Richards, Moose, Marina Tucker, Flip Gordon, KiLynn King, Jake Tucker, Marti Belle, and many more have graced the CCW ring at this monumental event. Each month, Hialeah has witnessed some of the greatest matches and moments in CCW history, including historic championship wins, unexpected returns, shocking betrayals, and epic battles that have left audiences in awe.

The betray of Vinicious by Ariel Levy Sent Shockwaves With CCW The Last Territory

Bash At The Brew has become synonymous with groundbreaking moments that have become etched in the memories of wrestling fans. Who can forget the shocking betrayal of Ariel Levy turning on his best friend Vinicious, or Cha Cha Charlie's World Championship victory against Santos? AEW star Brian Cage's surprise debut at the first Bash event sent shockwaves throughout the Florida wrestling world, solidifying Bash At The Brew as a platform for unexpected surprises. Additionally, the historic Steel Cage match between KiLynn King and Marina Tucker for the Women's Championship showcased the incredible intensity that CCW is known for. These moments, among countless others, have contributed to the history woven by Bash At The Brew.

Photo from the historic steel cage match between KiLynn King and Marina Tucker for the CCW Women's Championship

As the flagship event of The Last Territory, CCW's commitment to providing top-tier wrestling experiences has never been more evident. Bash At The Brew has become an institution, attracting fans from across the state and establishing itself as a pinnacle of independent pro wrestling in the United States. With each passing month, the event grows in popularity, excitement, and significance. The 30th edition promises to be an extraordinary celebration that fans will not want to miss!

One of the greatest champions in CCW history, Cha Cha Charlie

CCW's Bash At The Brew 30 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 1, 2023, promising a night of unparalleled entertainment. As the countdown begins, wrestling fans and newcomers alike are invited to be a part of this historic occasion. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the world of pro wrestling, Bash At The Brew offers an experience like no other. Prepare to witness incredible matches, rivalries, and unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join the party at Unbranded Brewing Co. and become part of the tradition that is shaping CCW's legacy for decades to come!


Official poster for CCW's Bash At The Brew 30 in Hialeah, FL


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