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"Game Of War" Coming to CCW This February in Port St. Lucie!

One of the most brutal matches in professional wrestling is coming to Coastal Championship Wrestling.

On Feb. 18 at the MidFlorida Credit Union Events Center in Port St. Lucie, FL, CCW will present Game of War, featuring a War Games match for the first time in the history of CCW.

The first-ever War Games match was created by the late, great Dusty Rhodes, who was no stranger to a Coastal Championship Wrestling ring. Rhodes created the match in 1987 after a viewing of the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

“Game of War is going to take Coastal Championship Wrestling to a whole new level of intensity and violence,” CCW Executive Director Nelio Cuomo Costa said. “February 18 in Port St. Lucie is going to be one of the most important shows in our long history. Wrestling fans from all over Florida and beyond will want to be in attendance for this massive event.”

War Games matches are generally held between two teams of four, five, or more wrestlers. The match takes place inside a steel cage that surrounds two wrestling rings. The match begins with one wrestler from each team inside the cage and a period of wrestling between the two, with staggered entries from each team after a predetermined amount of time. A coin toss before the match is usually used to determine which team will enter its second wrestler first, giving that team a numbers advantage until the other team’s next entrant makes his or her way into the cage.

A War Games match cannot be won or lost until every member of both teams is inside the cage. At that point, submission, surrender, loss of consciousness, or pinfall is the only way the match can end.

Teams and participants will be announced in the coming weeks and months. But wrestling fans are encouraged to get their tickets now to avoid missing Game of War presented by Coastal Championship Wrestling. Click here to get your tickets now.


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