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Military Veteran Makes Her Pro Wrestling Debut

The Game of War may have been fought and won, but as the dust settles on one battlefield, one soldier's battle is only just beginning!

This past Saturday saw the debut of the 13 yr Army Veteran Sgt. Frag, taking on a very game challenger of the squared circle, "The 5-Star Athlete" Ruthie Jay. Sgt. Frag brings her years of combat prowess and MMA training to the squared circle, but Ruthie did not let that rattle her one bit. The crowd roared as Sgt. Frag made her way to the ring garnering cheers and salutes from the CCW fans, however, Ruthie remained unimpressed. After a hard-fought battle, Ruthie looked to have the newcomer where she wanted her, but never count a soldier out of the fight, as The 5-Star Athlete went for the pin with a bit of cocky flare only for Frag to surprise her with a surprise pin reversal for the victory!

Starting off her wrestling career with a huge win, the sky may just be the limit for Sgt. Frag!


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