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Alive 138: Levy Retains CCW Title Over ERA; Golden Chileans Implode

A huge Coastal Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship match is featured on Alive 138.

CCW World Heavyweight Champion Ariel Levy defends vs. Earnest R Alexander -- better known as ERA by CCW fans. ERA earned the championship opportunity by winning the King of the Territory match earlier this year and he gave Levy all he could handle, nearly winning the title.

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 138 and scroll down for our recap.

Ariel Levy def. ERA -- CCW World Heavyweight Championship

ERA, battling an injured shoulder that has been an issue for him for much of 2023, threw caution to the wind and pulled out all the stops in an effort to win the most-coveted prize in Coastal Championship Wrestling. The risks ERA was willing to take to bring home the world title were evident early on, as he landed this very risky, dangerous moonsault on Levy outside the ring.

ERA might be the CCW World Heavyweight Champion today if it weren't for an unfortunate mistake that took referee Amy Veronica out of the match for a few moments. ERA had Levy set up for his trademark running elbow strike, but Levy ducked at the last second and ERA's elbow clocked the official in the head.

Shortly after, ERA hit a Go To Sleep on Levy and covered him for more than enough time to earn a three-count. As the official finally realized there was a pinfall attempt happening, she started a count. But Levy got a shoulder up at the last possible moment, allowing the match to continue.

ERA looked to keep the pressure on, trying to score with a sunset flip off the turnbuckle. But the wily veteran Levy was able to stop ERA's momentum and reverse the sunset flip attempt into a pin.

Golden Chileans Are No More

Alan "S2S" Martinez has been a long-time friend (some might say lackey or henchman) for Levy. But of late, there has been some dissension between Martinez and the champion, which somewhat coincided with Levy's recent addition of Meto to his Agents of Chaos group.

Things finally boiled over following this match. Levy demanded Martinez retrieve his belt and hand it to him. When Martinez looked at the belt for a bit too long and hesitated to hand it to him, Levy slapped him. Just when it looked as though Levy had re-established his dominant relationship over Martinez, his Chilean countryman decided enough was enough.

Martinez took out the champ with a Go To Sleep and avoided a spear from Meto (which did even more damage to Levy) before ripping off his Ariel Levy t-shirt and joining the CCW faithful in the Unbranded Brewing Company crowd, signifying he no longer has an allegiance to the champ.

How will Martinez's change of attitude toward Levy play out in the coming months? Stay tuned ...

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