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Alive 153: Jackal is Back! And He Wants A Title Shot Against Levy

We've got something brewing (see what we did there) in the CCW World Heavyweight Championship picture.

Ariel Levy appeared at a recent show at Unbranded Brewing Company to debut his new "Beer That You Deserve" but his celebration was interrupted by Jackal Stevens, who had been out for months with an injury. See what happened on this week's CCW Alive!

Click the video player below to watch CCW Alive Episode 153 and scroll down for our recap.

Shelly Benson def. Mila Moore

Before we get to the Levy-Jackal business, we had a women's matchup between The Bunny Mila Moore and Shelly "Bombshell" Benson.

Moore attempted to use the ropes to secure a pinfall, but was caught by referee Amy Veronica. At that point, Benson determined turnabout was fair play. With the official in a different position, she couldn't see Benson's chicanery and the Bombshell picked up the victory.

Jackal Stevens Crashes Ariel's Party, Demands Title Shot

CCW World Heavyweight Champion Ariel Levy has spent the better part of a year telling fans he's the "Champion That You Deserve." So, when it came time to debut his "Beer That You Deserve," Jackal Stevens was in no mood to hear him talk.

Levy then determined it was the right thing to do to "share" a beer with Jackal.

Stevens did not take kindly to Levy's actions and made him pay. After powerbombing the champion through a table and placing the Chilean flag over Levy's prone body, he demanded a title shot, which was quickly granted by CCW officials.


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