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Alive 77: Cha Cha Charlie, Agony Battle All Over Unbranded Brewing Company

This week’s episode of CCW Alive Wrestling features a six-man tag match that has implications for the CCW Tag Team Championship picture and a wild brawl all over Unbranded Brewing Company from Bash at the Brew 13 between CCW Heavyweight Champion Cha Cha Charlie and The Maker of Nightmares Agony.

Click the player below to see CCW Alive Episode 77 and read our recap below!

South American Alliance & Jackal def. American Top Team & Jack Talos – Six-Man Tag Team Match

We joined this match in progress and the massive Jack Talos was absolutely in control. Talos literally threw Ariel Levy, one half of the CCW Tag Team Champions, into the ring. The 7-foot 1-inch Talos picked up CCW Southeastern Champion Jackal Stevens and hit a big boot on Levy with Stevens draped over his shoulder. He then body slammed Stevens on Levy and almost got the pinfall on both of them, covering with just his foot.

The tide started to change when American Top Team’s Blake Bowman entered the match. As he went for a superplex on Stevens, Jackal was able to push him off the turnbuckle and hit a blockbuster. That gave Stevens an opening to get the tag to Vinicious, who cleaned house on Bowman and his partner John Hartnett. As Vinicious and Levy had Hartnett set up for Greetings from Copacabana, one of their signature moves, Talos came in for the save.

At that point, things broke down a bit. Vinicious and Talos have nearly come to blows a few times over the past few weeks and they clearly have issues with one another. Whatever issues Talos and Vinicious have, they began to boil over in this matchup. The two battled on the outside. Eventually, Talos tossed Vinicious into some Unbranded Brewing Company kegs that are used as part of the Bash At The Brew staging. The two battled all the way backstage.

That left Hartnett alone in the ring with Levy and Stevens, as Bowman had been wiped out by Vinicious. Hartnett ate a Code Breaker from Levy, which fed him directly into an Olympic Slam from Stevens, giving the “South American Jackals” the victory.

While American Top Team continues to chase the South American Alliance and the CCW Tag Team Championships, the brewing situation surrounding Vinicious and Talos will also be something to keep an eye on.

Agony def. Cha Cha Charlie by DQ – CCW Heavyweight Championship Back at Bash At The Brew 12, Cha Cha Charlie was celebrating a successful championship defense when Dr. Eric Christopher appeared in the entry way and seemed to be taunting the champ. While Cha Cha Charlie was engaged in a war of words with Christopher, Agony came in through the crowd and laid waste to the CCW Champion.

Agony has tasted CCW gold in the past, wearing the same belt Cha Cha Charlie now possesses back in 2020. Dr. Eric Christopher would like nothing more than to lead The Maker of Nightmares back to the top of the CCW mountain and they get that opportunity in this match on CCW Alive.

The way this all started with a sneak attack from Agony wasn’t lost on Cha Cha. As the champion’s music played, Agony and Christopher seemed dumbfounded when the champ didn’t appear in the entry way to the ring. Instead, Cha Cha took a page out of Agony’s playbook, coming in from the crowd and nailing him with a kendo stick.

This match broke down early. They two combatants spent less than two minutes in the ring. From there, the battle raged all over Unbranded Brewing Company. Senior referee Bruce Owens seemed to give Cha Cha and Agony plenty of leeway, as he could have easily counted them out or ruled it a no contest. But his patience only went so far. More on that later.

Action spilled out of the ring quickly. Almost as quickly, it spilled into the crowd. Agony reversed an attempt to whip him into the guard rail, tossing Cha Cha over the guard rail, destroying numerous chairs at ringside. From there, it was all over the building.

The two rammed each other into the wall on one side of Unbranded Brewing Company. Charlie smashed Agony’s head into a table at one point and even hit a moonsault off the guard rail into the crowd. That moonsault was the precursor to the most insane moment of an insane match and also led to the aforementioned patience being lost by the referee.

Following the moonsault, Charlie was on the ring apron and delivered a number of blows and kicks to Agony, sending the Maker of Nightmares staggering back onto a table. Charlie saw Agony laid out on the table and didn’t waste a second. He donned his signature hat, climbed to the top turnbuckle and launched himself nearly 15 feet, hitting a massive elbow drop that wiped out Agony and destroyed the table.

That was when Bruce Owens decided he had seen enough. He warned Cha Cha not to do it. Charlie even put his hands on Owens to move him out of the way. Moments after Charlie delivered the massive elbow drop, sending Agony through the table, Owens called for the bell.

CCW officials quickly realized the need for something more drastic to settle things between Agony and Cha Cha. A no disqualification match was set for Bash At The Brew 14, which took place earlier this month. Keep your eyes on CCW Alive and our YouTube page for that match, which was nothing short of a war.

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