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Bash at the Brew 42 was an incredible success for Coastal Championship Wrestling (CCW), drawing over 700 enthusiastic fans and shattering previous Bash attendance records. Here's a recap of the thrilling matches that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats:

Over 700 fans filled Unbranded Brewing Co. in Hialeah for Bash At The Brew 42

Dirty Devin Diaz def. Nick Turner, Oscar Vice, Rich Wise, and Skitz

Dirty Devin triumphed over Nick Turner, Oscar Vice, Rich Wise, and Skitz. The turning point came when "The Menace To Society" Agony returned to Bash at the Brew and attacked Skitz, allowing Dirty Devin Diaz to capitalize and secure a pinfall victory, earning a future title shot.

CCW Cruiserweight Champion Ozzy Kilmeister always entertains the fans in South Florida

Cruiserweight Title Match: Ozzy Kilmeister def. Alan Martinez and Chris Farrow

The Cruisermeister retained the CCW Cruiserweight Championship by defeating two pillars of the division, Alan "S2S" Martinez and Chris Farrow. After S2S seemingly suffered a leg injury from a nasty fall, Ozzy executed the Whiplash on Chris Farrow to secure the pinfall victory.

Nikki Blackheart def. Shelly Benson

CCW's newest member of the women's division Nikki Blackheart made her Bash debut, defeating Shelly Benson via pinfall after delivering her signature move, the Blackheart Bomb.

Southeastern Champion Meto brawls with Madman Fulton as referees and secruity attempt to break it up at Bash 42

Madman Fulton def. Hardcore Horvath

"The Main Event Monster" Fulton bested Hardcore Horvath via pinfall, utilizing the Long Way Down chokeslam to clinch the win. Following the match, Fulton was confronted by CCW Southeastern Champion Meto, leading to a brawl between the two. Management has confirmed that these two will compete at BASH 43 for Meto's title.

Vinicious def. Stallion Rogers

In one of the most hard-hitting matches of the evening, Vinicious vs. Stallion Rogers ended in disqualification when Danny Briggs attacked the Brazilian Destroyer, leading to an abrupt finish.

Cha Cha Charlie def. Danny Briggs

With the help of a bit of karma, Cha Cha Charlie was able to defeat Danny Briggs with help from Vinicious, securing the win via pinfall with a backstabber.

Former WWE NXT star Carolina Cruz made her CCW debut in an impressive showing against Mila Moore

Carolina Cruz def. Mila Moore

In one of the most anticipated matches of the evening, Carolina Cruz made her successful CCW debut and overcame Mila Moore with a pinfall victory. The match saw interference from Madison Blake, who left commentary to take the bell away from Mila Moore, providing a distraction that Carolina Cruz used to her advantage.

Tag Team Title Match: The Qrown def. The Night Riders

The Qrown continue their dominant reign as they retained their CCW Tag Team Championship against The Night Riders in an intense back-and-forth battle. The Qrown emerged victorious after hitting a spear on Joe Garcia. But the real story is what happened post-match, as an emotional Eddie Valentine betrayed his protégé Joe Garcia by hitting Joe with a low blow, DDT, and a wicked chair shot.

Gangrel and Domino celebrate at Bash 42 after defeating Ricky Martinez and ERA in a Hialeah Street Fight

Hialeah Street Fight: Gangrel and Domino def. Ricky Martinez and ERA

After months of one of the most personal blood feuds in recent memory, it all came down to this. Gangrel and Domino emerged victorious against 5-Star Era in a hellacious Hialeah Street Fight. Blood was spilled and bodies broken, but the night ended in celebration as The Vampire Warrior and the leader of The Domination won with a stereo pinfall, executing both the Impaler DDT and the Domino Effect.

Bash at the Brew 42 was a night of unforgettable action and dramatic moments, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next CCW event. CCW returns to Unbranded Brewing Co on Saturday, August 3rd for BASH 43! Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Click HERE to buy!


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